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Our Vision

Have Fun. Make Money. Change the World

Cryptosphere Systems was founded by three PhD graduates who believed it was possible to have fun,
change the world and make money. So far they seem to be right. See below for a description of our
products. Like the sound of our mission – come and join us!

What We Do

We Build Innovative Cryptocurrency Services

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

We have been involved with Bitcoin for several years. We have intimate know­ledge of the protocol, and have ex­perience making custom modifications to the reference implementation. We are also heavily involved in alternative cryptocurrencies (particularly Monero).

We are regularly invited to speak publicly about Bitcoin and blockchain technology in general, and privately to interested groups and corporations.

Thinking outside the box

All three of us went into academia because we love to explore new challenges and uncharted territories. We believe that everything starts with creativity and inventiveness.

We love to come up with ingenious solutions for hard problems and taking a project from the initial idea to final implementation.


We develop, deploy and operate several crypto currency-based online services. These services depend on Bitcoin, Monero or other crypto currencies and have been in operation since several years.

We are currently working on expanding our portfolio of products. We are looking for talent to help us – come and join us!

Who We Are

Awesome Team. Awesome Work

Our different paths through life have given us overlapping but complementary skill sets.
We try and maximise productivity by specialising where possible, but to maximise creative
input (and fun) we all actively try and stay abreast of all aspects of the business.

Rehan O'Grady

The Business Guy

Rehan is British, and brings corporate and academic ex­perience to the team. Before his PhD, he designed, developed and sold enterprise network manag­ement software for Micro­muse Ltd. (now part of IBM), to customers in the UK, the US and China.

Arne Brutschy

The Rock Solid Engineer

Arne is German, and applies his germanic rigour to the systems he designs. His PhD was in distributed artificial intelligence. He has DevOps experience at a number of different institutions, and is an expert on security architectures for blockchain services.

Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste

The Science and Crypto Guy

Jérémie is French. He is frequently invited to give talks about Bitcoin to media and corporations. He is post-doctoral academic researcher at the ULB university of Brussels, where he develops optimization algo­rithms for combinatorial NP-hard problems.

Join Us

Want to have fun and make money? Join us!