Have Fun.

Make Money.

Change the World.

Our Mission

Have Fun. Make Money. Change the World

Cryptosphere Systems was founded by three Ph.D. graduates who believed it was possible to have fun,
change the world and make money. So far they seem to be right. See below for a description of what we do.
Like the sound of our mission – come and join us!

What We Do

We Build Innovative Cryptocurrency Services

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

We have been involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for many years now. We have intimate know­ledge of protocols and of how to build successful platforms and services on top. We actively support and contribute to projects that have the potential to change the world.

Thinking outside the box

We love to explore new challenges and uncharted territories. We believe that everything starts with creativity and inventiveness.

We love to come up with ingenious solutions for hard problems and taking a project from the initial idea to final implementation.


We develop, deploy and operate several cryptocurrency-based online services. These services depend on Bitcoin, Monero or other crypto technologies and have been in operation for several years.

We are currently working on expanding our portfolio of products. We are looking for talent to join us!

How We Build Products

The Standard And The Exotic

The Stack

Our products might look like regular web services from the outside. It's the cryptocurrency part that's exciting: communication with wallets, daemons, and various other crypto APIs. Specific constraints and challenges stemming from decentralized logic and consensus. And with security at the core of everything, since we deal with programmable money.

Sharp People

Our tech stack is secondary. We are looking for sharp people, who are capable of learning how to deal with the inherent complexity of crypto. Things like chain forks, confidence in transactions confirmations, protocol upgrades and network topologies are our daily bread. We are looking for people excited and passionate about “crypto space” opportunities. Understanding good software design is also essential as our customers rely on our security, availability, and scalability.

Chaos or Process

We are a distributed company, which implies that every employee is working remotely and gets a lot of autonomy. While we embrace a bit of creative chaos, we still have management and process workflows that help us to get the best out of our employees, and our employees to get the best out of us. We regularly meet in real life for a few days of immersive work and fun.

Who We Are

Awesome Team. Awesome Work

The Team

Cryptosphere Systems is incorporated in Switzerland, but we work from all over Europe. The company was bootstrapped by three computer science Ph.D. graduates who were active in the Bitcoin-then-blockchain space very early on. The team is currently into double figures and growing quickly.

The Community

The whole cryptocurrencies area is exploding, and we are deeply embedded in the community. Our involvement gives us plenty of great ideas about what people need and what we should build. Unfortunately, we don't have the workforce to develop everything as fast as we would like - that’s why we need you!

The Founders

What We Value


Even though Cryptosphere Systems is a distributed company, we understand the importance of looking after our employees. We do care about your long-term happiness, opportunity to grow, and of course, we want to know the personality behind the keyboard, too. We get together roughly every two months for regular hackathons in different places all over Europe.


We believe we are all sharp people, and every employee can be trusted with a high degree of autonomy. Don't expect time tracking or any similar micromanagement nonsense. On the contrary, we value people who take initiative, and we appreciate entrepreneurial spirit. You have crazy ideas and want to build cool stuff? Join us.

Join Us

Want to have fun and make money? Join us!